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PATRIOT GAME @ Civic TV Laboratories


     Civic TV Laboratories is very excited to announce the opening of artist Henry G. Sanchez's multi-media based, interactive exhibition PATRIOT GAME on March 17th.
     PATRIOT GAME is a participatory video project where the artist Henry G. Sanchez collaborates with fellow members of the Houston Chapter of United We Dream (UWD). PATRIOT GAME is an art experiment to redefine concepts, terms and the vernacular associated with the United States social contract and values and notions of patriotism. The videos reveal how UWD members interpret and imagine new definitions of the vocabulary and language that is traditionally associated with patriotic US sentiments and values. Alternating with traditional terms are new expressions that seek to expand the notions and concepts of citizenship and patriotism. The video experiment becomes an opportunity for UWD’ers to redefine conventional terminology within a contemporary context while exploring new lexicons that make for a more expansive and inclusive notion of what it means to be an American.
     Attendees of the exhibit may also participate in a live version of PATRIOT GAME, to be live streamed for general viewing during the opening reception.
The theme of patriotic word games continue throughout the exhibit; a zine collaboration with CIVIC TV’s Terry Suprean is available, as well as limited edition posters and prints.
PATRIOT GAME invites viewers to play, intuit and celebrate individual expression and interpretations of citizenship.
     Who determines the meaning of words like Liberty, Freedom and Choice? Do traditional terms of US patriotism allude to half-fulfilled and elusive achievements? Are concepts of citizenship interpreted according to individual environmental, political and psychological condition? Is there space in our American lexicon to introduce new vocabularies that express positivity, internal goals and aspirations? PATRIOT GAME’s experience is for all viewers to participate and consider a new lexicon for civic conversations in the United States and for all who live within its borders.

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