“Las Fronteras: Houston artist working with Nature”, bio-artist presentations on April 7, 2019


   After a faulty hdmi adapter, a bad connection to the sound system, and a rain delay, “Las Fronteras: Houston artists working with Nature” was finally able to commence on April 7th. The first evening program was cancelled on April 3rd. So we decided to compress all the artists to one evening of presentations. In attendance were the artists presenters Sarah Sudhoff, Angel Lartigue, Francis Almendarez and his mother Jacqueline Posada. Instead of staging the program outside, inside the office space would be safest, in case of another threat of rain. This time the technical problems were solved and at least a dozen people showed up.

   This panel presentation differed from the typical art panel discussions. I purposely played a minimal role as moderator. I didnt feel the need to guide the artists to discuss each other’s practice. Not necessary to interject my comments or perceptions about their artwork. Very few, if any, questions from me. I sat aside, took notes and reminded when them when their times were running long. And they all did. Each took at least 30 minutes. To be fair, this should have been spread to two nights. But one has to make due with circumstances as they come.

  Though the evening ran longer than I expected at least I was able to accomplish something that I believe had not been done in the Houston art scene before: Latino/a/x Bio-artists talking about how their work intersects with the world of biology, perm-culture, science and nature.

   If you wish to read about these artists and the context of their work, please go to the link below.