Though we already had a conversation about extraterritorial space weeks ago, Oct. 14th would be Michael Galbreth’s first visit. What a nice surprise to bring along his wife Rainey Knudson!


Michael has been interested in the idea of having his art work notarized since we last spoke. I explained to him that the notary is there to certify documents and affidavits and to verify the signers. It is also about affirming a fact or something truthful within a document before a certified notary. He brought along a proposition placed in a folder: Michael presented an edition of 10 prints, with an artist proof, of the type written statement “The Art Guys are not artists.”, each with their stamp and seal in the right corner and the number at the bottom center. He wanted this art work notarized. Of course, I understood the subtext & subtlety of his contradictory statement. I found this statement to be true and the fact he was claiming it as art-work provided me the permission I needed. I certified the authenticity of the document. But he added, he wanted my notary seal to be part of the piece and asked that I place it on the front, bottom left of the page. I obliged and signed it with a red pen.  Is this a collaboration?!


Rainey wanted something as well. She decided to write on white card stock, “I love my life, I love my family, I love my work” and signed it. This was definitely a statement of fact at the time she wrote it and did so willingly, so I notarized it as well. She also requested my LOCCA stamp and seal to be added to the document as part of the “artist” imprimatur. They were both very lovely and funny. Michael wanted to add his thumbprints to my notary log. Good thing for the red ink pad. Now I have Michael, the Art Guys, thumbprint impression on the notary log! That should be worth something someday. Rainey paid the typical $10 fee for notarizing her statement. Michael on the other hand, gave me the pick of his edition in exchange for the fee.