“aquí para quedarse” and new wheelchair ramp, Jan. 30

Everything evolves, transforms, changes… So must the message of my LOCCA. I took my time after the election to consider various possible quotes. I could have painted something out of rage or to instigate a provocation. But I found one that my friends from United We Dream mentioned repeatedly in their twitters, slogans, gritas etc.

This message has a threefold interpretation (really four). It says in Spanish a message to our elected officials, law enforcement and our national government that immigrants who have lived here for so long and suffered due to discriminatory immigration policies should stay here and have amnesty. It was good enough for Reagan in the 80’s, why not now.

Second, this law office that was bequeathed to me will stay in practice. I have been working very hard on making repairs and renovations, and to ensure its safety in order for the offices to be ready for rent. I want newly barred attorneys to come here to work for the community doing family law, immigration and to provide services that are needed. This was due to my father practicing law for 55 years, and I want to be around for another 55 years to provide affordable services to this Spanish speaking, low income community.

Lastly, it is a message to many of my progressive friends thinking of moving out of the country because of the election of the current White House. There will be a lot of major issues that threaten the country. Some people are trying to divide this country, others are trying to create a more perfect union. In politics many times for every “action” there can be an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s third law of motion). The thought of leaving the US for states with more welcoming or less right-wing policies is tempting. But consider those left behind that do not have the freedom to choose to up and move to another country. I will follow the examples of my parents and previous generations during and before the civil rights challenges of the twentieth century. In spite of the discrimination they chose to make this place their home. Aqui para quedarse, y luchar!

I also had time to finish the new wheelchair ramp for the office. Now seniors and the disabled can enter more easily.