Nov. 3rd “The Longoria Affair” Screening and discussion with Felix E. Salinas

The screening of “The Longoria Affair”, a documentary by John Valadez, was an opportunity to shed some light on the under-recognized contributions of the American G.I. Forum and Dr. Hector Garcia who advanced the civil rights of Mexican-Americans in the 1950’s and 60’s. Felix E. Salinas, ESQ was the second executive Secretary to the G.I. Forum and worked closely with Dr. Garcia. It just so happens that Mr. Salinas is my deceased father’s partner. Mr. Salinas continues to practice here at the Sanchez Law building. This event was hosted by Mikaela Selley, Hispanic Archivist for the Houston Public Library. We were lucky to have in attendance our City Councilman, Roberto Gallegos and former City Councilwoman, Graciela G. Saenz. After a few words from the Councilman, we ended the evening by having a Q&A with Mr. Salinas and his history with the G.I. Forum. It would be safe to say that many in attendance did not know this part of United States history. I have known Mr. Salinas all my life and I never tire of hearing about his life’s story. What surprised me was discovering that his during his entire time working for the G.I. Forum to defend Mexican-American’s rights (in which his life was threatened more than once) that he and Dr. Garcia worked voluntarily and were never paid.