L.O.C.C.A.: The Law Office Center for Citizenship and Art is a social practice project where art, scholarship, history and service to the community can work together.

L.O.C.C.A. is an artist-initiated project founded by Henry G. Sanchez in the Hispanic community of the East End in Houston, Texas. It is established within the grounds of the Sanchez Law Building, which provides family legal services to low and middle-income families in the neighborhood. L.O.C.C.A.’s trans-disciplinary mission traverses socially engaged art initiatives, projects in collaboration with artists, community residents, sociologists, historians, scientists and political activists in order to empower community partners and individuals to address issues confronting the Latino/a/x, Mexican and Mexican American experience. L.O.C.C.A. seeks to celebrate and strengthen the Hispanic presence in the neighborhood, city and state of Texas. L.O.C.C.A. is a social platform that also serves as an art venue for exhibitions, film, performance and panel discussions. This trans-disciplinary mission bridges an investigatory process and social action with participation in an aesthetic experience to discover a broader definition of human fulfillment and citizenship for the local population.

All photography provided by Henry G. Sanchez

L.O.C.C.A. is dedicated to the memory of Maria A. Sanchez.



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Programs in September on the theme of the elections and Mexican-American participation.

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